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Styling -
wash and blowdry $35 and up

Everyone knows the best part of getting your hair done is the shampoo. So if you have an event coming up or are in need of a helping hand let us do the work for you.

Cutting -women  $45 (includes wash blowdry and style)men      $25kids      $15

We do all types of cutting from your traditional sizzer cut to razer and clipper cuts. Our stylist are great with all types of hair as well. Whether your hair is fine, course, or curly we can help you fined the best look for your face shape and hair type.


Coloring - (single color)touch up   $65+full color   $75+

If you are looking for gray coverage or just to change an all over color is a great way to put some shine and richness back in your hair.

Hilights -
full         $85+
parcial   $65+

This service is a great way to brighten things up from root to ends. But this service is not just for blonds. You can add all different tones like red, copper, caramel, or ash blond. Truly any tone can be added. Just let us know what you are looking for!


Balayage -
full   $60 per hour
parcial  $85+
Hombre  $60 per hour
hand painted   $60 per hour

Ever wonder how some color looks so soft that you don't know where it starts and stops? Thats balayage for you. Designed to softly transition from dark to light. Whether it's a couple pieces or the whole head it's truly the longest lasting color you can have because there is no stop and start. This service can also be combined wth others for a truly custom look.

 Vibrant - $60 per hour

(price will be determined at consultation)

Vibrant colors come in all types. From a couple pieces to the whole head. A pop of color can show your true personality.


Add on -

hilights  $10-$20

toner     $10-$15

deep conditioning $20

We love to make your color pop with our add on services. Put some hilights into your full color to add demention or add a toner to those blondes to give them that brighter or more stand out look.

Add a deep conditioner to help moisturize dry ends and keep your hair strong druing color treatments.

All appointments booked online will be scheduled with Jenny.

Prices may very depending on length of hair or color needed

A consultation appointment may be needed to determine price and time for service 

Consultation appointments are free

Contact us today to see the many ways we can pamper you.

You know you deserve it!

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